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Name Cattery Breed Birth
Sire Dame  
Mitsu Isis Queen Eternity Sphynx Ramses Valentina Select
Cosmo Edumar Unknown Cattery Sphynx 04-03-2016 Mitsu Kiera Select
Callisto Palace&Main BSH foundation Select
Sami Palace&Main BSH Callisto foundation Select
Jack the Ripper Vintermånens Sphynx Washington TTM Moonlight Select
Volans Hobbitqueen Sphynx 01-11-2014 Topaz Padme Select
Baks Camelot Sphynx Zefir Tiffany Select
Dag Valkiriya Sphynx 12-05-2016 Baks Vanil Bonita Select
Chillout of Godz AprioriNaked Sphynx foundation foundation Select
Shandi Marvin Unknown Cattery Sphynx 26-07-2016 Calvin Klein California Select