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Name Cattery Breed Birth
Sire Dame  
Showman AprioriNaked Sphynx 22-09-2011 foundation foundation Select
Dylan Adecish Sphynx foundation Select
Second Blue-Love Adecish Sphynx 28-05-2010 So- Amazing foundation Select
Freddy Krueger The Dream master CiCi’s Sphynx 31-10-2021 Nicolas Precious Perlas Select
Blits Miki Sanukis Sphynx 11-08-2010 Flesh for Fantaisy Dimples Select
Jupiter Space Hanter Sphynx Tarzan Darsi Select
Atlantis of Empress Abeitagatos Sphynx 06-02-2005 Atum Chalupee Lusty Blue Select
Ferdinant Maximus Sphynx Amenhotep Alma Select
Beautifi Archi Unknown Sphynx foundation foundation Select
Vincent Mellon Cat Sphynx (Odd Eyed) Diamant Gina Select