Fred Bare

Cattery: Filbitru / Breed: Sphynx / Gender: M / Date of birth: 20-01-2008

Offspring and Parents Pedigree Test results

Other information

Bloodtype ?


Sire Dame
Lost Viking Traveling Pam


M/F Name Cattery Breed Birth
F Queen Mackenzie
HCM: equivocal
Amazing Sphynx 23-09-2014 Miss Savannah
F Queen of Sheba
HCM: negative HCM: negative
Paragonpaw Sphynx 15-03-2014 Queen Cleopatra
F Miss Blue Bell Amazing Sphynx 28-11-2012 Princess Willow Rose
F Isis Rudynudy Sphynx 30-06-2012 Sephera
F Im In Laverder Kamea Sphynx 03-01-2012 Sharni
F Baby Coco Kamea Sphynx Baby Phoebe
M Baby Lonie Kamea Sphynx Baby Phoebe
M Baby Mister Rinkles Kamea Sphynx Baby Phoebe
F Patchwork Skinderella Sphynx Caly Skinderella