Bart Maverick

Cattery: Acatranch / Breed: Sphynx F3 / Gender: M / Date of birth: 17-03-1998

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Bloodtype ?


Sire Dame
Yoda Nubian Queen


M/F Name Cattery Breed Birth
M Ramsey the Red
HCM: negative HCM: negative
Baldnmore Sphynx F3 26-03-2004 Ruby
M A Prayer Shyboy Vai Whispering Sphynx 01-11-2003 Sweet Vadalia
F Pebles Endeavor Sphynx 01-11-2003 Sweet Vadalia
F Sadie Little Foot Gailray Sphynx F1 03-09-2003 Sophie Little Foot
F Indigos Midnight Sheba Abeitagatos Sphynx 22-06-2003 Chalupee Lusty Blue
F Carmelina Cattatori Alopecia Sphynx 12-05-2003 Alopecia Qtee Bareangel
F Rose Bud Pharaohs Sphynx 27-04-2002 Lily Baldone
F Biss Furless Felines Sphynx 05-08-2001 Mud
M Shadowking Gailray Sphynx F2 19-02-2001 Mud
F Mommas Aint No Sissy Gailray Sphynx F2 05-06-2000 Lucy Bell
F Celestial Interlude Gailray Sphynx F2 24-02-2000 Muriel
F Memphis Belle Gailray Sphynx F2 24-02-2000 Muriel
F Princess Nay Nay Gailray Sphynx 04-01-2000 Misty Blue
M Wally Acatranch Sphynx 23-04-1999 Shirley
F Blue Belle Acatranch Sphynx F2 04-04-1999 Muriel
F Big Angel Jazzella Alopecia Sphynx Lily Baldone