Dream Lover

Cattery: Rinkurl / Breed: Sphynx F3 / Gender: M / Date of birth: 22-10-1991

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Bloodtype ?


Sire Dame
Good Will Jester Winnie Rinkle


M/F Name Cattery Breed Birth
M N Marques Kitnhuyse Sphynx F1 13-07-1995 Miriam
M Koji Kitnhuyse Sphynx 18-10-1994 Ursula Undress
M Sotherby Whiskerhill Sphynx 03-08-1994 Priscilla
M Selfrige Kitnhuyse Sphynx F3 02-04-1994 Ursula Undress
F She Hairless Odd Whiskerhill Sphynx F2 08-03-1994 Priscilla
F Filine Kitnhuyse Sphynx 01-10-1993 Ursula Undress
M Fredericks de Hollywood Amajen Sphynx F3 18-07-1993 Ursula Undress
F Hopes Diamond Kitnhuyse Sphynx 18-07-1993 Ursula Undress
F Rose Rinkurl Sphynx F3 05-05-1993 Zipporiah
F Tiffany Rinkurl Sphynx 05-05-1993 Zipporiah
F Victoria's Secret Kitnhuyse Sphynx F3 10-01-1993 Ursula Undress
F Tylor Kitnhuyse Sphynx F2 04-01-1993 Miriam
F Priscilla Kitnhuyse Sphynx 01-01-1993 Miriam