Cattery: Jolinique / Breed: DRX / Gender: M / Date of birth: 18-02-1984

Offspring and Parents Pedigree Test results

Other information

Bloodtype ?


Sire Dame
Nero Krystiana


M/F Name Cattery Breed Birth
M Pure Genius Dawnstar DRX 20-04-1990 Rexquisite Beauty
F Dagmar Adhuish DRX 03-11-1989 Keres
F Chantilly Lace Kola DRX 18-07-1989 Mixnmatch
F Daisy Hill Erimicho DRX 27-01-1989 Ballihulish
F Opal Mist Sumaju DRX 14-12-1988 Aisha
F Amber Moonglow Sumaju DRX 24-02-1988 Aisha
M Jetsetter Sumaju DRX 24-02-1988 Aisha
F Feestje Amarogue DRX F2 26-02-1987 Donna
F Felice Amarogue DRX 26-02-1987 Donna
M Horus Adhuish XSH Calecat
F Leonie Sailorman DRX Cameo Cat
F Mistletoe Berry Dawnstar DRX Rexquisite Beauty
F Plum Crazy Amarogue DRX Donna
M Red Max Sailorman DRX Hatty Bumppo
M Samson Amarogue DRX Donna
F Saucy Rexpatriate Amarogue DRX Donna
F Shoosy Dawnstar DRX Rexquisite Beauty