Tender Touch

Cattery: MiracleLove / Breed: Sphynx / Gender: F / Date of birth: 22-05-2005

Offspring and Parents Pedigree Test results

Other information

Bloodtype ?


Sire Dame
Lalique Danjelle


M/F Name Cattery Breed Birth
M Tequila Dargento Sphynx 23-10-2009 Ion
M Kristian
HCM: positive
Dargento Sphynx 10-04-2009 Jedi
F Iretey Ra
HCM: negative
Di Dato Sphynx 20-02-2008 Jedi
M Imhotep Di Dato Sphynx Jedi
F Irety Di Dato Sphynx Jedi
M Ivory Di Dato Sphynx Jedi
F Orchidees Scarface Sphynx Yoda
M Tobias Dargento Sphynx Ion