Cattery: Chamois / Breed: Sphynx / Gender: M / Date of birth: 03-08-2000

Offspring and Parents Pedigree Test results

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Bloodtype ?


Sire Dame
Full Monty Lady Patches


M/F Name Cattery Breed Birth
F Diamonds R Forever Dalpat Sphynx F3 22-04-2005 Diamonds R Forever
M Rambo's Diamond Cutter Dalpat Sphynx F3 22-04-2005 Diamonds R Forever
F Graffiti Urban Smudge Dalpat Sphynx F3 18-03-2005 Mona Lisa
F Maxis Bare As Naked Dalpat Sphynx 18-02-2005 Nudeus Maxi
M Tommy Blues
HCM: negative HCM: negative HCM: equivocal
Dalpat Sphynx F3 18-02-2005 Nudeus Maxi
F Calico Moondancer
HCM: positive
Dalpat Sphynx 09-07-2004 Nudeus Maxi
M Adonis Sundancenbare Sphynx 11-05-2003 Isis
F Elation Leila Bareangels Sphynx F3 23-03-2003 Sweet Kaira
M Sarge Bareangels Sphynx 23-03-2003 Sweet Kaira
F Good Golly Miss Molly Crystalskye Sphynx 28-01-2003 Egyptian Mystique
M Romeo Crystalskye Sphynx F3 28-01-2003 Egyptian Mystique
M Julius Caesar Crystalskye Sphynx F3 24-01-2003 Egyptian Priestess
F Naked Miss America Sundancenbare Sphynx 17-01-2003 Iassis
F Mira Mira Bareangels Sphynx F3 18-04-2002 Le Furie
F Padme Queen Sundancenbare Sphynx 16-04-2002 Wanna Dance
M Putytat Sundancenbare Sphynx F3 16-04-2002 Wanna Dance
M Thrill Seeker Bareangels Sphynx F3 20-03-2002 Slippery When Wet
M Caviar Dreams Sundancenbare Sphynx F3 16-10-2001 Wanna Dance
F Darwin Sundancenbare Sphynx F2 Iassis
F Jedi Knighette Sundancenbare Sphynx F2 Sphinxster Princess
F Marian Dalpat Sphynx Nudeus Maxi
F Minni Mouse Sundancenbare Sphynx F3 Isis
F Naked Confetti Dragon Dalpat Sphynx F3 Mona Lisa
F NotsoBare Butterscotch Dalpat Sphynx F1 Tess
M Skin-of-Bongo Purrbalds Sphynx Rinky Tink Spit Fire