Luxury Kiss

Cattery: Isida / Breed: Sphynx / Gender: M / Date of birth: 31-01-2012

Offspring and Parents Pedigree Test results

Other information

Bloodtype ?


Sire Dame
Lord Vortigem
HCM: negative
HCM: negative


M/F Name Cattery Breed Birth
M Murano Isida Sphynx 02-02-2016 Douce Amere
M Sirocco
HCM: negative HCM: negative HCM: negative HCM: negative Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory (HCM) Testing) from Dr. Meurs: positive heterozygous
Isida Sphynx 26-10-2015 Nux Regina
F Nina Isida Sphynx 25-12-2014 Nux Regina
F Venera
HCM: negative
Isida Sphynx 31-03-2014 Un Lyz
M Jordan
HCM: negative HCM: negative
Isida Sphynx 24-02-2014 Nux Regina
M Gladwin
HCM: negative
Isida Sphynx 08-10-2013 Un Lyz
F Shakira Isida Sphynx 28-09-2013 Encore
M Sheldon Isida Sphynx Encore